Raquel Hazzard

Raquel Hazzard

Raquel Hazzard

Client Service Associate

[email protected]

Raquel is a client service associate with Ocean Path Advisors. She works side by side with Ross Kroll CFP® and Todd Butler CFP® to ensure the highest level of service through the optimization of client processes.

With an extensive background in both administration and quantitative analysis and research, Raquel brings a valuable perspective to the team, which centers on providing excellent client service while pursuing social responsibility and Women in Investing initiatives.

Raquel came to Ocean Path Advisors from the Savannah, Ga. area as a University of Georgia (UGA) graduate with high honors. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology with a concentration in research methodology. Raquel was heavily involved in social science and policy research throughout her undergraduate career and looks forward to utilizing her unique skill set in the wealth management arena.

After her workday ends, Raquel enjoys handcrafting jewelry and home goods, hiking and exploring Los Angeles, and hanging out with her cat, Ruth.

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